5 Tips for a Successful Open Home

Rosie Glasgow Home Loans has great tips for holding a successful Open Home.

When you’re selling your home, you need to make it look as inviting as you can for prospective buyers. You’ll sell your house more quickly, and you might even increase the property value. Both are great reasons to put in a little extra effort before an open home, to ensure you get the best possible price, fast.

You don’t need to spend thousands on a full home makeover, but you might find that you do need to spend a little extra to get your home looking its best. First impressions really do count!

Things to consider include:



Make sure your home is spotless, inside and out. Take the pile of junk at the bottom of the garden to the dump, scrub the mold off the bathroom ceiling, give the garage a once-over, and spray dirty decks and mossy paths. Have carpets professionally cleaned and give your windows a sparkle.


Decluttering and Storage

Your collection of porcelain cats might be your pride and joy, but it certainly won’t be to everyone’s taste. Pack up those knickknacks, withered house-plants and family photos. Make sure you’ve stored all your valuables in a safe place, along with occasional pieces of furniture like little tables and footstools.


Complete Odd Jobs

If there are any jobs outstanding that you always meant to finish, now’s the time. Put the door back on its hinges, paint the spare room, finish off the deck, and get a new pane of glass for that cracked window.


Remove Odours

If you’re an inside smoker, you may want to invest in professional carpet, furniture and ceiling cleaning. If you own pets, you’ll need to get rid of their tell-tale odours too. If your house is damp, it will smell like it. Consult professionals to see how you can bring back that fresh feeling.


5 Tips for a Successful Open Home

Set the Scene

Move furniture so that there is an even flow for people to move around the house. Get fresh flowers for mantels and the kitchen table. Some people like to have the homely smell of fresh baked bread or brewing coffee wafting through the house. Don’t forget to put out your best towels in the bathroom!

Your Open Home is a chance to show your property off to its best advantage. Put the effort in now and reap the rewards later!

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