Paying too Much for your Mortgage?

Times are getting tougher and with the uncertainty around the election next year and world politics in general, we’re all looking for better ways to manage our finances and weather a potential economic downturn.

Financial hardship can cause real stress in the family, so it’s worthwhile taking a good look at your expenses and see where savings can be made.

Probably the biggest household saving you can achieve will be around your mortgage Buying a homeis the largest purchase you’ll ever make and it makes sense to get the best plan. If you don’t have the best deal in place, you could be paying far more than you need to. Is it time for a home loan review?

Rosie Glasgow Home Loans is a mortgage broker based in New Plymouth. We look at a large number of banks and mortgage lenders and come up with the best structure and payment plan for you. It’s important to review your mortgage regularly to keep up with the changing financial needs of your household. Perhaps a new baby has come on board or someone’s flown the nest. Maybe there’s been a job promotion… or a redundancy. Or perhaps those bills are just getting a little too much?

Whatever the reason, Rosie Glasgow Home Loans can help you find the best possible deal around.We offer a comprehensive home loan review which will only take an hour of your time. It’s absolutely free and there’s no obligation to take our recommendations any further.

Once we’ve made a time that suits you, you’ll need to bring in any pertinent documentation–including your loan or borrowing information, property valuation and income details. From there, we’ll be able to assess your current structure and the rates you’re paying. We’ll also examine your short, mid and long-term goals, and take into account any recent household financial changes.

We can answer any questions you may have. And we can promise that we’ll do our very best to find the best possible structure and payment plan for you. And if you decide to take up any of our recommendations, you can start the process then and there.

So, give us a call and book in for your free, no obligation, home loan review now. We’re also giving away a $50 gift card to everyone who has Paragon Insurance and a Rosie Glasgow Home Loan Review during January. Paragon Insurance helps you take care of your greatest assets – including yourself. Check out

And remember, if you know anybody who could benefit from a Home Loan Review, please share our blog or pass on our contact details.

Make 2017 the best year ever for your financial future! Contact Rosie Glasgow Home Loans today.