Top Tips for Viewing Open Homes

Rosie Glasgow Home Loans has tips on looking for a property and how to get the best from an open home.

Open homes can be lots of fun! But open home after open home every weekend can also become extremely frustrating and tiring.


1: To speed up the process, make sure you’ve done your homework first. There’s no point looking at places you can’t afford, or in areas you don’t like. Narrow your field down.

2: Make a list of your non-negotiables. Is it within your chosen school zones? Does it have enough space for your family to grow? Is it close to amenities and public transport?

3: Map out a schedule of your open home viewing times and how long it will take to get to each one. Nothing’s more annoying than trekking across town to find the open home has closed!

4: The first weekend of an open home is the best time to view, or even sooner where possible. If you like it, you’ll hopefully have time to see it again but also in this market houses can sell so quickly you want to be getting through promptly.



Once you’re at the open home, try not to be distracted by the owner’s lovely lounge suite.  There are more important things to consider, things that may be expensive to change or unable to be changed at all.

1: The noise level. Living on a main road next to a school may not be everyone’s idea of peaceful.

2: Your neighbours and privacy. Can you handle living next to a cemetery? Or a block of student flats? And if your neighbour’s two storey home overlooks your back yard, you may need to rethink Nudie Wednesdays.

4: Odours. There are some smells even a good sprinkling of baking soda won’t fix – especially if they’re coming from a nearby business.

5: Heating, cooling and water pressure. If it’s not adequate, you may have to consider the expense of fixing it.

6: Renovations: Can you afford to bring the home up to scratch?


Make sure to ask the agent a few questions too. Find out if the home has any known issues, or if there is any documentation such as LIM reports available. Don’t forget to take a pen and paper to make notes! And remember to take away the viewing handouts too.

The open home process can take a long time. Make it easy on yourself and get organised first.

If you’d like any more information about buying a home, please contact Rosie Glasgow Home Loans.